Updates Coming Soon!

A few known issues are being fixed in an upcoming update. If you are encountering the following issue, please be patient! I’m going to try to have an update ready by the beginning of next week, around Jun 24, 2019.

There is an issue where retrying a level after failing, by reloading your saved resume file (if one exists), will result in player input being frozen. Fortunately, this doesn’t cause too much trouble as the game can be restarted and the save file will be safe and sound, but the fix is on its way!

There are several small adjustments in the works that all improve the user interface and therefore the user experience for the better in the pipeline as well, including allowing the player to draw by dragging in the map editor. This makes placing roads, rivers, and swathes of terrain much easier!

I hope I haven’t missed any major issues. Please keep an eye out for things and post about them on the forum or email us at the help account, support@savepoint-games.com.

Thanks for playing!

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