AI freezing? Bug hunt.

I’ve seen a couple mentions of the App freezing during the AI turn since the August 1, 2019 update. I apologize for this problem as it sounds incredibly frustrating. I am currently searching for the possible source of this issue as I have not been able to personally observe it. If anyone has any information as to how to replicate any such issues, please send us an email at or post to the support forum thread that I’ve created for this issue.

Thread link.

Again, I will be searching for this issue and hope to resolve it as soon as I can identify it and root out the cause. Thanks for your patience, understanding, and assistance. And thank you for playing!

One thought on “AI freezing? Bug hunt.”

  1. I was able to locate an example of the game AI freezing. A fix was implemented and shipped for Enthrallium Wars version 1.5 which went live on August 15th. This should completely resolve the problem of the AI freezing during its turn.

    As always, please feel free to post to the help and support forum or email if you encounter a problem. Player input is vital in keeping the game trouble-free and fun!

    Thanks for playing!

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