Beta Testing!

The finishing touches are going into the first beta test of Enthrallium Wars.  Over the next few weeks we are hoping to get the game into the hands of players in order to fine tune the first 16 levels of the game, which comprises the tutorial and demo portion of the game.

Four Enthrallium Wars heroes make their appearance in the demo, with 3 being available for unlock and use throughout the demo.  Versus mode and its associated Map Editor mode are also available in the beta!

If you feel like trying out Enthrallium Wars for yourself contact us at for more information.  Just mention that you’re interested in the beta and we’ll work it out!

Art day! (or rather art week!)

Last week was nearly entirely dedicated to improving the artwork for Enthrallium Wars and the beta demo.  Some of the rough edges on UI assets were smoothed over and three new art assets were created to present the opening narrative for the campaign.  A video demo for the game is also in the works.  So look for that in the near future!

Amongst the UI assets that were improved was a new character portrait for Isola Bright, one of the games main protagonists.  She’s been difficult to pin down because she’s meant to be an appealing character, but I have tried to stay away from creating a cliché.

The narrative assets took the lion’s share of the hours last week.  It’s been a very long time since the art was the focus in production and it took slightly longer than desired to power through the creation of three, full-screen images meant to illustrate a fairly large amount of backstory.

Writing copy for that backstory was a challenge as well, since brevity was a major priority in getting to the core gameplay loop as quickly as possible.  As this narrative presentation is still in flux, I’ll refrain from sharing it as a whole for the time being, but here’s a peek at one of the assets!

Republic tanks smash through the pastoral homeland of the Separatists.
The Separatist movement is under attack!

Regarding the demo, the narrative art provided a great backdrop for the game titles and allowed me to finally put together a draft of a demo video that emulates the target feel of the final demo video to come.  I’m passing it around to people with whom I’ve worked in the past for critique so I can make revisions before sharing it. But it’s exciting progress to be sure!  With any luck I can have a demo video up soon!







Hello world!

Welcome to Savepoint Games!  I’m hoping to update about once every week or two about the progress of Enthrallium Wars as it approaches release.  This is the first time I’ve ever done a solo release so there are likely to be lots of curves in the road ahead, but I intend to navigate them and share the experience here!

Please feel free and encouraged to contact me with comments and questions.  I think feedback will likely help me out tremendously!