Getting Lucky in Enthrallium Wars?

Rex Cairnhill

The Separatist hero, Rex Cairnhill, has been through more than a few tough times. But the town ne’er-do-well has always pulled through thanks to his admirable, persevering spirit and an uncanny bit of luck!

When deployed into battle Rex’s luck can rub off on the units nearby. He has a 25% chance to grant the “Lucky” status to neighboring units. “Lucky” units receive both attack and defense bonuses that are higher than those offered by other status buffs. At the start of each turn, the “Lucky” units near Rex will display a shamrock-shaped buff icon to let you know that they’re about to have one terrific turn!

Rex’s buff applied to himself and one the infantry units to his right.

Because Rex’s buff only occurs in 25% of the units in his power range it can be a bit tricky to depend upon. However, it helps to know that when it comes to Rex himself, his luck never seems to run out. Any unit that Rex with Rex aboard will always receive his “Lucky” buff!

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